Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Bit of Scifi: Earthworm Jim


I remember sitting in my grandmother's living room and playing this game, and thinking what a little badass I was. This was the first game that I played that had even the slightest connotations towards adult humor, and I thought it was awesome. In fact, pretty much everyone from my generation that you talk to has the same feeling about Earthworm Jim, it was funny, naughty, and ultimately a great time to play.

Earthworm Jim was originally released for Genesis, and Mega Drive; but I got the later version that was for Super Nintendo. Apparently it has been released for Wii, and Nintendo DS later; but for all intensive purposes (IE, the parameters of my blog) I'm gonna stick to talking about what I know.

Now, with a title like Earthworm Jim, one would wonder how a lowly, normal earthworm could grow to be such an awesome muscly super-hero-y type, guy. Well, it all starts out with Psy-Crow stealing a "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" invented by Dr. Monkey-For-A-Head for Queen Slug-for-a-Butt (you can obviously see why this had my 5 year old self laughing my ass off). Long story short, someone drops the collar of the suit, and it just happens to go around Jim's head. He turns into the aforementioned super-muscly worm hero that everyone knows and loves.
As I look back, I really do see this game as a product of the nineties, from it's quippily titled characters, to the names of the levels, even to the weird weaponry and foes that the player has to face. I feel like most of the games which I really enjoy from this time period are similar, for example, the previously reviewed Toejam & Earl.

Anyway, back to Earthworm Jim. The levels are cleverly titled for the most part, except level 5, which is titled just that...Level 5. The titles for the levels in order are: New Junk City, What the Heck?, Down the Tubes, Snot a Problem, Level 5, For Pete's Sake, Intestinal Distress, Buttville, Andy Asteroids?, and Psycrow. I mean, even the names of the levels use 90s jargon, like "junk", "heck", and "buttville". God, reviewing this game is totally taking me back.

Either way, if you have never played this game, you should, because it's awesome. You use earthworm Jim's head to sling cows (and other objects) at bosses and enemies such as Evil the Cat, and Bob the Killer Goldfish; can you say awesome? Earthworm Jim totally can.

Go Buy it!

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