Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Bit of Acting: Gaia Online

So, this is me about to admit just how nerdy I really am. Not only do I play video games such as FPSs, RPGs, MMOs, etc, but I also roleplay. That's right, I roleplay. I mean, I'm not talking LARPing, or dressing up like an ogre and running around with a battleaxe (Though, I was tempted to dress as a Troll for Blizzcon), but literate roleplaying.

I'm talking about on forums, where multiple people play the same characters everyday. For example, my main character (Stella DesJardins) has going to this same place (The Two Doors Down) for two years, because that is how long I have been posting in the forums there for.

Gaia Online is a great place to find such roleplays, though, admittedly, it can be difficult to find places that stay alive for very long, or are actually literate. Frequently, one will find forum pages entitled "k1331ng rom! NEEDZ BOYZ!", these are obviously not literate roleplays and therefore are not really worth my time.

I have been roleplaying for several years now, and have been on Gaia the whole time. I really enjoy the ability to change avatars, play in Literate Roleplays, or even just go and chat about "real-life" stuff on General Discussion (beware of Trolls). I think that, not only is it a great community for adults who may be more serious about roleplaying than younger individuals, but it's also great for children. Gaia does a really good job of making sure that filters are in place and that slim to no innappropriate activity is taking place on their website.

All in all, if you're interested in roleplay, have roleplayed, or are just interested in roleplaying with me, Gaia is where you will find me!

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