Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Bit of Blah: Gaming Papers

Now, don't get me wrong, I think that people who write papers like this have got quite a fascinating idea, however, I feel like things like this would take so much more time than the amount of knowledge that it will ultimately pass onwards. The link for the original piece that this is based on is underneath on the description for the clip.

I've noticed more and more that papers like this are becoming common place. For example: my teacher supplied me with a paper (when I was doing a project on zombies) regarding how long it would take humans vs. zombies to die out. The mathematical equations found in these two papers (the one above, and the one I just listed) are so complex that no one without a college degree in mathematics would be able to understand it. With the varying binomials and exponents and square roots and all, these papers just frighten me away.

Although I think that papers like this are neat, I just don't understand what purpose they stand in real life (IRL if you will), nor do I understand who would go about using it, or how. 

If you take the time to watch the whole video, it's a bit tedious. I would suggest watching the beginning to get some kind of feel for how much information is being jammed together. I would suggest that you click the link on the bottom, and look through the paper just to see how dense the stuff really is.

I couldn't even read the paper and keep up, and I'm an English Major. Reading is what I do.

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