Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Bit of Disgust: "You Stuck My Flashdrive In Your Vagina"

I recently found this when perusing Craigslist.org (a hobby of mine in boredom), and had to nominate it for best of. I mean, REALLY?! Who the hell does this.

My personal favorite is when he says that he's an understanding person, obviously implying that not only does he want his flashdrive back, but he also wants to go out on another date with this nerdy-vagina'd mcguyver style thief!

I feel like the people who read my blog with have an understanding and appreciation of the hilarity of this, not only because it is ridiculous, but also because it involves the stealing of a flashdrive which I know that I'D be pretty damn angry about.

Either way, enjoy the laughs.

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