Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Bit of GANGSTADOM: Nerdcore

How many bits, Mercer? 8/8 Bits.

Due to the fact that my musical tastes have a tendency to sway from this way to that, when I found nerdcore, I have never been more overjoyed. It's like Star Wars and Tupac had a baby that just happened to be gloriously attractive. Oh goodness. To have a rap group that raps about computers, Star Wars, and science as well as using synthesizers has been my dream, and, amazingly it seems to have happened!

What I also like is that a majority of nerdcore albums are released independently which adheres to the mentality of music which I have grown to love. I mean, it's not really like the guys are like "OH MAN, SCREW THE MAN", it's more like "MAN, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THIS MAN", but it's fine by me.

The one that I most recently heard was MC Plus+ and the Empty Set. Here's a youtube video for your perusal.

I guess I'm just really happy to hear a rap song that isn't about girls orgasming all over leather car seats, or people drinking t0o many bottles of courvousier. Call me old fashioned.

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