Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit of Point & Click: Loom


Alright, so, I know that I already covered ONE lucasfilms' game, but really, how can I resist? This is another fantastic and memorable one filled with fancy and whimsy.

The game ORIGINALLY began with a 30 minute audiotape that came along with the packaging. One was supposed to listen to the tape before playing to be briefed on the history of this guild that the main character is in. Unfortunately, I haven't played that version for a two reasons:

A Bit of Despair: The Apple Brand

Warning: This is not about an oldschool video-game. It is more about the utter despair, and frustration I have in cultivating the ability to play the above-mentioned on my lovely, sleek MacBook Pro.

Now, I have no qualms with either of the two elements of this equation, as long as they are kept separated. My mac is wonderful for my designing, and musical desires; it's beautiful looking, and the white laptop has always been a symbol of "hipness" for me (So sue me, I'm a bit brand-focussed). And videogame emulators have never caused me much of a problem except for the occasional virus on my old and beaten down Dell.

A Bit of Blood: Splatterhouse 3


Just an FYI, my friends, the rejuvenation of this goblet of video-game-holiness will soon be upon us. Thus is foretold by Ye Olde Gaming Magazines. And it looks effing awesome.

I enjoyed both Splatterhouse, and Splatterhouse 2; but neither of them spoke to me quite Splatterhouse 3.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Bit of Review: Monkey Island


This, my friends, is my FAVORITE game of all time. I remember fondly sitting in front of my CRT monitor, my tiny childish fingers nimbly grazing the fraying mousepad, while dancing to the title screen music of The Secret of Monkey Island. I mean, come on now, how many of you are with me? This was one of Lucasfilms' FIRST triumphs (later to come: Grim Fandango), and now the only place I can find it is through cheap emulators. Therefore, I haven't played it in quite sometime. Floppy drives are hard to come by these days, and that's the only copy I have left. OLD SCHOOL!