Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bit of Real Life: The Guild


I was scanning through my netflix instant view list the other day when I ran upon a little gem called "The Guild". Thinking "Ho Hum, another nerdy TV show" I flicked it on to watch while I ran instances in WoW. Instantly, I was smitten. The adorable lead actress Felicia Day (also seen in Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog as Penny), AKA Codex, starts the show by speaking into her V-Log regarding the unlikely appearance of one of her Guild Members (Zaboo) on her front door step professing his undying love for her.

Having had something similar to this happen to me, I can relate to the character's frustration/disbelief/sadness. After that, the show had me. It goes on to chronicle the meeting of all of the guild members in order to discuss what has happened with Zaboo, and where the guild is going to be headed both in-game, and out.
I think that the reason that I love this show so much is that I relate to it so well. Each season (There's 3) is only 45 minutes long, so they are easily digestable, and, if you're a fanatic (Like me) easy to watch in succession. I think that the show does a very good job analyzing some of the issues which can come up in-game with a guild, and out of game in real life.

Felicia Day does an amazing job portraying the neurotic, and shy Codex, and makes this show seem like it is happening in real life with her periodic v-logs, and commentary. The first two seasons are featured on netflix, so if you have an account you can go watch them there, the rest are on The Guild's website.

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