Monday, March 8, 2010

A Bit of Film: Dorkness Rising


So, I'll admit, I used to play dungeons and dragons (who wouldn't have seen that one coming). I used to meet up with friends twice a week, and run campaigns--it's obviously what led to my obsession with World of Warcraft. I graduated highschool, and couldn't find anyone who wanted me to Dungeon Master (DM) for them, so I started playing "real" videogames.

It wasn't until my boyfriend suggested this film to me that that dorkiness was rekindled. Sitting, playing World of Warcraft and watching this movie, may have been the single most nerdy thing I've ever done in my life, but I enjoyed every second of it.
I think that the creators (Dead Gentlemen Productions) originally meant this to be a parody of Adventure Films, but it ended up being a laugh-inducing walk through all that is nerdy. The movie starts with the Dungeon Master (Lodge) trying to get his group of three rowdy men through an adventure, amidst their mooning of enemies, and mass-seduction tactics. Seeing that his group is going nowhere, Lodge decides to invite 2 other individuals into the group, one is an NPC, and the other is the ex-girlfriend of one of the previous three players. As they run through a campaign ride with hilarity, the nerd-fueled humor is almost unbearable. 

Between rolling to seduce a barmaid, wasting wishes on resurrection, and inherent gaming sexism, this movie truly gives an example of how a campaign might run in real life.
What I liked most about this movie is that it flashed back and forth between Real Life, and In Game Play. IE. The people who were playing the characters in game dressed like their characters, and acted out what roles they were playing. I thought it gave a really good visual aspect to the game, because the people who play dungeons and dragons are obviously imagining what their characters are doing in game. I thought that it gave added in-site to people who may not have thought about the game like this before.

Overall, an awesome see, I would watch it again anytime.


  1. You really have no idea how awesome and hilarious this movie is until you watch it...It's truly comic genius. The trailer - kinda lame and certainly does not do the movie the way blogger...DG tweeted your review.

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  3. Really? Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!