Monday, November 11, 2013

A Bit of Evolution: Pokemon X


Admittedly having not even delved that deeply into the post-game fun of Pokemon X (or Y), I can definitely say that it is one of my favorite games that I've played recently. Whether this be solely due to nostalgia or is a true testament to the Pokemon franchise's staying power, I can't say, but here are the 5 things that I liked most about Pokemon X. As a note, I will be purchasing Y soon, just to have another version of this awesome game to play.

1. The interactivity with friends. The past Pokemon games, in my opinion, have made it difficult to play with or interact with your friends. You had to go to certain places in the world, or set up the connection before even entering the game proper. Pokemon X has built in mechanics that encourages and rewards you for interacting with your DS Friends as well as strangers out in the world that are playing Pokemon too. The ease of interaction was a great plus for me, and the benefits that came with it were also great. Boosted XP from trading Pokemon, the chance of getting sweet, rarer Pokemon through Friend Safari (I got a Charmeleon!), and O Powers are the ones that I have taken most advantage of, but when I get higher level Pokemon I also plan on battling and trading to get Pokemon that I couldn't get other wise. If we haven't played together, though, ask me for my Friend Code!

2. Nostalgia. There are tons of the "old" Pokemon from when I first started playing over 10 years ago that are prevalent in this game, which I really appreciate. Some of the games that have come out in the past included so many "new" Pokemon that I felt alienated and uncomfortable by not knowing anything about them. The fact that I got to select from the original three starter Pokemon as well as the newest three Pokemon made me very excited and stay in-play longer than I probably would have otherwise.

3. Ease of game flow/interesting plot line. Maybe this is because I haven't played a Pokemon game the whole way through in a while, but the ease of play with Pokemon X was really nice. I felt like it made sense where I had to go, and where I was in the storyline—no weird running around Route 837423 and trying to remember where the heck I was going last time I played. And, although the plot was pretty typical all things considered (evil group trying to take over all Pokemon, group of young friends trying to stop them, singular adversary/friend challenging you throughout the way), I thought that Game Freak spiced it up with the inclusion of a "legendary" Pokemon in the middle of the game. So, kudos to them for keeping it interesting.

4. Post-game adventures. I've always been like, "Alright. I just beat this game, I guess I could try to get all of the Pokemon buttttt..." and stopped. I'm not sure why, but the idea of tediously running around and trying to catch ALL of the Pokemon really overwhelmed me. It was even MORE overwhelming with the 700+ Pokemon NOW available in the game, but the promise of post-game adventures (like capturing Mewtwo, which I failed to do, or beating a bunch of level 70 trainers) kept me in the game. Because of those, I have a renewed interest in the game and have begun trying to take on other challenges. This was not something that I felt in other games (though I'm sure they were available) and appreciated about this one.

5. Mega-evolution. When this first came out, I thought that mega-evolution was a total crock. Even when I first started using it, I thought "You can only evolve in battle? What's the point, that's bullshit." It's basically still bullshit, but collecting all of the mega-evolution stones and mega-evolving all possible Pokemon has become a goal in my Poke-life, and is helping contribute to the post-game adventures mentioned above. PLUS, mega-Blastoise has like, a rocket launcher on his back, and it is so gdang cool.

There are tons of new things in Pokemon X & Y that make the games worth playing if you are new to the franchise or are and oldbie like me just looking for kicks. Pick it up. Play it. Trade and Battle with me. ♥ GET AT ME WITH THEM FRIEND CODEZ!

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